[Behind The Scenes] “Faferma En Fiebre”

Photo by Wilfredo Marin

Photo by Wilfredo Marin

I love having the opportunity to work with a talented creative team, but when the team you’re collaborating with are also your friends you get to do everything you love at once.

The editorial “Faferma En Fiebre” is a concept created by artist Carlos Marrero. He’s known for his beautiful hair and makeup artistry and out of the box concepts, he’s an established artist that is currently located in NYC. We’ve been friends for many years, but this is our first ever collaboration.

We worked with photographer Wilfredo Marin and model Jessica Ng for a gorgeously edgy story. Carlos created an ominous setting, the wardrobe and accessories selection tie in the concept.

I’m super happy of how the project came out and can’t wait to see the full editorial!


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