[Campaign] Oriental Bank: “Todo El Mundo Envejece. Prepárate.”

The best part of working as a stylist is that no project is similar to the next. Being constantly faced with projects that are challenging and have specific needs to fit every client are part of the job. This time I had the arduous, but fun task to work with children and turn them into senior citizens. Not any type of elderly, but typical Puerto Rican seniors. I had to jump at the chance to excel at this job and began to do my research.


Finding the wardrobe for this job was no easy task. Looking for items that were legitimately a child version of adult clothing is much harder than it seems. Having in mind that there are no specialty stores locally that carry this sort of merchandise or wardrobe, that meant that the scavenger hunt was only beginning.

From frocks, knitted sweaters, to suits and typical “guayaberas”, loafers and heels it took a while to collect all these items and create looks to suitable for this campaign. After finally working on the wardrobe for this gig for over a week, the day of the shoot was here! I was a bit predisposed to the idea that the children would tire easily and would make this a much longer process than needed, it turned out that in half a day we were done.


We were able to shoot the campaign, grab video footage and have a blast with these cute underage seniors. The production team had everything on point and conducted everything on a timely manner. The makeup artist did a fantastic job with the wigs and theater makeup and the final result was epic. Our client was extremely happy with the end result and I was too.

Check out the campaign for Oriental Bank: “Todo El Mundo Envejece. Prepárate.”


Styled by Aisha Naomi.





[Runway] Puerto Rico Fashion In

camerinoThe coveted runway season on the island has commenced and it did so with the first ever Puerto Rico Fashion In, held at the Sheraton Puerto Rico Hotel and Casino a the convention district. This event had a wide variety of international an local designers presenting there Fall/Winter ’16 proposals. These collections were breathtaking!

I had the opportunity to work at the event and have a more behind the scenes view of the shows and this was a event that you couldn’t miss. A lot of amazing sponsors were involved in making this event a success: Cover Girl, Pantene, Lincoln, Gillette, Rums of Puerto Rico, The Mall of San Juan just to name a few.


Cover Girl and Pantene had these amazing stations were you could get your hair and makeup up done by coveted professionals; this glam squad was available for the general public for touch ups. So your selfie game could stay on point.

During the event you were able to take pictures in diverse photo booths while shopping the latest trends from the designers that were presenting in the event at the Eden Mall. These had mini fashion shows being held, were you could sip on your cocktail, shop and see local up and coming designers present their collections to a very diverse crowd.

The event concluded last night with the final presentation by international Spanish designer Custo Barcelona. He presented a vast variety of colors, which he is well known for. Patent leathers, silks, jackets, knit sweaters and a cool Euro vibe. Lets say that as usual, the designer didn’t disappoint.


Custo Barcelona Runway

For a glimpse of Custo Barcelona’s runway, check out this behind the scenes video.




[Behind The Scenes] On My Hanger: Look Book

models OMH

Lorna & Josmarie

I’m very excited to finally be collaborating on the “On My Hanger” look book. (On My Hanger is an online boutique with an edgy and sexy style. very out of the ordinary and for the confident and alluring woman. They have an awesome vision and fusion of the New York and Los Angeles style scene). It’s great to be able to gain the trust of clients and create great stills for their upcoming project. But it’s also a challenge to work with a new team, gain their trust and create great effortlessly looking work.

When you work with a client that is developing a concept it is of utter importance that you are able to communicate efficiently with them and are able to visually translate what they are wanting to portray. Late night conference calls and constant exchanging of ideas are part of the process. It’s not very different from the usual course of work with a local client, but this was totally left to the creative team to create and develop a concept for the client.

It was fun to collaborate with such a talented staff. Photographer Israel Mojica has a very clean and edgy vision, Hair and Makeup Artist Rafy Quiñones had great ideas for the beauty development of the project, Models Josmarie Soto from Krone Models and Lorna Hernandez from G Models were a sight for sore eyes. Both girls were super talented and easy to work with, so it was great to have them on our team. I was able to accessorize and create clean sophisticated looks and they were able to pull them off. I can’t wait to see the final product and hear the feedback of our client.

On My Hanger Creative Team

On My Hanger Creative Team