[Campaign] “Fundación Golitos”: Autism Awareness

It’s a great feeling to be able to give back to the community in anyway possible. I’ve always been of the belief that success comes with social responsibility. Being a firm advocate of good karma, I jumped at the chance to be part of a wonderful cause: “Golitos” Foundation.

“Golitos” is a non profit organization that aims to contribute to the full physical, social and emotional development of children with autism through sports therapy. They are the first entity to present to children with the disorder the fascinating world of soccer. The foundation offers a program aimed to help develop their physical, emotional and social skills using the sport as a conduit.  Events and curriculums are developed with a wide network of professionals specialized in autism, social, emotional development and of course sports knowledge.

I’m extremely proud to be a part of this campaign and hope that other people can become more receptive and understanding of the ordeal that children and adults with autism go through. Check out the official campaign for “Golitos” below:



[L to R] Aisha Naomi + Omar Alvarez, Director of the “Golitos” Foundation

La nueva campaña de Golitos estrenará la próxima semana a través de las redes sociales, previo al Día Mundial de Concienciación del Autismo, que se celebra el 2 de abril.

National Autism Awareness Day is held on April 2nd.


[Campaign] Oriental Bank: “Todo El Mundo Envejece. Prepárate.”

The best part of working as a stylist is that no project is similar to the next. Being constantly faced with projects that are challenging and have specific needs to fit every client are part of the job. This time I had the arduous, but fun task to work with children and turn them into senior citizens. Not any type of elderly, but typical Puerto Rican seniors. I had to jump at the chance to excel at this job and began to do my research.


Finding the wardrobe for this job was no easy task. Looking for items that were legitimately a child version of adult clothing is much harder than it seems. Having in mind that there are no specialty stores locally that carry this sort of merchandise or wardrobe, that meant that the scavenger hunt was only beginning.

From frocks, knitted sweaters, to suits and typical “guayaberas”, loafers and heels it took a while to collect all these items and create looks to suitable for this campaign. After finally working on the wardrobe for this gig for over a week, the day of the shoot was here! I was a bit predisposed to the idea that the children would tire easily and would make this a much longer process than needed, it turned out that in half a day we were done.


We were able to shoot the campaign, grab video footage and have a blast with these cute underage seniors. The production team had everything on point and conducted everything on a timely manner. The makeup artist did a fantastic job with the wigs and theater makeup and the final result was epic. Our client was extremely happy with the end result and I was too.

Check out the campaign for Oriental Bank: “Todo El Mundo Envejece. Prepárate.”


Styled by Aisha Naomi.




[Fashion Video] Reverie by Nick Knight

Moods of freedom and restriction both appear in Nick Knight‘s film starring Tessa Kuragi in designs by the likes of Celine, Maison Margiela, Gucci and Valentino. Intrigued by the dual lives of the model – days spent pondering psychoanalysis, evenings spent freely exploring her sexuality and engaging in shibari bondage – Nick Knight looks at fetish in this editorial for AnOther magazine’s. The shoot focuses on escapism, and the ability to form new realities through fantasy, and features styling by Katy England. Having begun communication with Kuragi on Instagram, Knight spent time understanding her passions and fixations before beginning the shoot, relying on her expertise and agency to inform the narrative of the story and thus playing with the power dynamic between photographer and model. The notion of reverie and the dance between waking life and dreams is something that has interested Kuragi for years, and informs the dynamic of the shoot. The fogged, black and white nature of the prints suggests a lack of clarity, nodding to the transient, ever-changing and fleeting nature of our fantasies.

  • Photography: Nick Knight
  • Model: Tessa Kuragi at Premier
  • Styling: Katy England at Intrepid
  • Make-up: Lucia Pieroni at Streeters
  • Hair: Cyndia Harvey at Streeters
  • Manicurist: Marian Newman at Streeters
  • Set Design: Andrea Cellerino
  • Seamstress: Tina Kalivas