[The Fundamentals of Styling] Foundation Garments

Most of us tend to be very self-conscious when purchasing that trendy piece to add to your wardrobe. There are days that we feel on top of our game and can envision how the whole outfit will look. But lets face it, most of us don’t have the budget to have the Cher Horowitz closet and app to create the look that we want. Some of us become a bit more self-aware of what we wear, because we don’t have that magazine/runway perfect body. As a plus woman myself, I know the feeling. But I learned at a very early age that shape wear is the essence to every outfit.

Think back to all the vintage pictures you may have seen of your relatives, ever think: “How did they have those amazing bodies back in the day?”. The answer is: Foundation garments a.k.a Shape Wear. Some were blessed with the perfect hourglass figure, others train like maniacs with waist cinchers, but foundation wear is the key to achieving the perfect look.These are constantly used in the television and film industry; so if people exposed to media can use them why can’t we?. Plus it has the added benefit of helping your posture and make you look even more amazing.

In the beginning you may seem a bit uncomfortable, but once you get the hang of it you’ll be wearing it on a daily basis without hesitation and feel fabulous while doing so. Not all shape wear is made equally and all of them are made to target what you believe to be your “problem area”.

BEWARE, these are not your grandma’s foundation garments, now they have a wide variety of sexy corsets, body suits, camisoles and even pin-up style to fulfill your styling needs. These tend to run tight and true to size, so make sure you have your correct measurements when purchasing. But most importantly fashion is supposed to be fun, so remember to always embrace and love yourself and your curves. Because the most indispensable curve is your smile and that is the soul of every outfit.


For more information on plus size foundation garments and lingerie, check out my favorite site: Hips and Curves


8 thoughts on “[The Fundamentals of Styling] Foundation Garments

  1. Funnily enough, I started wearing one today… I hate wearing shape wear because I feel constricted, but I have a lovely post-pardum chub I need to reshape so I’m giving it a try!! I’ll give it a try And will let you know How it goes… If you have a sugestion, please let me know!


    • An easy way is applying the same rule as your intimates. You should always try on your shape wear before purchasing and if you can, try to go somewhere they can do your measurements for you.


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