[Review] Revista Ego: “Dime que usas y te diré quién eres” Aisha Naomi en Juntos en la Mañana por Wapa

Thank you egomoda.com for the shout out! I was so excited to see an article on the site since they were part of my beginnings in the fashion industry. I’m totally humbled that my clients are proud to have me in control of their image and trust me blindly on a daily basis. Also, my agency Grandes Eventos PR for their constant hard work.  My business partner and colleague Naomy Quiñones  for her support; I can’t wait for what the rest of the year holds!


Photo by Naomy Quiñones (C)

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[Theater] Mariana Libertad: Brazos de Oro

“Gíbaro de Puerto Rico” a local theater company presented the production called “Mariana Libertad: Brazos de Oro“. The show took place at “El Centro de Bellas Artes de Santurce” from October 2nd to the 4th to a sold out venue.

The play is about Mariana Bracety, (portrayed by Sonia Valentin)  a patriot and leader of the Puerto Rican Independent movement in the 1890’s. She was attributed with having sewn the flag with gold  thread that was intended to be used as the national emblem of Puerto Rico; one of the most historic moments and relevance that the island had in the 19 century: “El Grito de Lares.” Written by Juan Elias Lopez and Sonia Valentin; the play was interpreted by Bracety’s perspective, her personal experiences and desires of an independent and sovereign Puerto Rico.

Valentin was an outstanding and convincing Mariana, with beautiful monologues and superb costuming by Cruz Rafael Caraballo. The ability to transform a strong alluring modern-day woman into a an 19 century rebel was no easy task, noted Sonia is one of the most recognizable television personalities on the island and is known for her outgoing personality and female empowerment; this part of course suited her perfectly.


Now the question is why am I writing about Mariana Libertad: Brazos de Oro? The reason is that I work side by side Sonia on daily basis as her wardrobe stylist for her daily morning show Entre Nosotras. Everyday I have the privileged and the opportunity to highlight this extraordinary woman; exteriorize her artistry with her wardrobe, convey different perspectives and emotions to the viewers at home. In theater much like in fashion, costuming is of the essence. In Mariana Libertad sentiments were expressed through the acting of the stellar cast, dancers and orchestra, but the wardrobe was fundamental to express the different stages of struggle,  emotions, and of course the era. It was truly a walk through time and wonderful experience.


“Mariana Libertad: Brazos de Oro”



Welcome to my blog!

Photo by Karina Margary (c) 2015

Photo by Karina Margary (c) 2015

Thank you for visiting my space and hope you enjoy the insight to my world. Many of you may know me as one of the founding partners of Nao Nao Group. With my creative team I have the opportunity to produce and grow artistically. I’ve learned about the elements of post-production, production and post-processing and i must admit its an exciting experience. Seeing your final work come along and create an amazing spread for print and seeing your work on the newsstands is such and incredible rush.

I’ve had the chance to style collections for designers and develop great friendships in the industry. They helped me grow into a diverse professional, with the ability to tackle everything I take on. But after so many years working as a stylist and trend reporter for runways like San Juan Fashion Week, Coor’s Light Catwalk, Puerto Rico High Fashion Week, Plazarela, Puerto Rico Moda, One Hot Night, A Night of Glamour and San Juan Moda, I’ve encountered a new phase in my career: Wardrobe Director for day time television!

Working side by side with designers is far different from collaborating with boutique and franchise owners, but a challenge I’ve taken on fearlessly. Without accounting the added stress of working with the crazy deadlines for television (it feels like you’re always fifteen minutes late for EVERYTHING). I never imagined myself as part of the dynamics of television production. But i’ll keep you informed along the way!