[San Juan Moda] Day 8: Ruben Dario, Lisa Thon + Eddie Guerrero

On the closing night of the official fashion week of the island: San Juan Moda. The most reputable designers presented their Autumn/Winter ’16 proposals. We were graced by the designs of Ruben Dario, Lisa Thon and Eddie Guerrero.

The night commenced with the collection “L’hymne a L’amour” by Ruben Dario. A romantic proposal of elegance and graceful designs. With form flattering A line skirts,  sheer silks and taffetas, deep plunging necklines and beautifully refined prints. The simplicity of this collection left us wanting more.



Lisa Thon and her collection ‘Fly Me Away‘ was fun, luxurious and totally jazzy. The designer completely blew us away with her ingenious styling and luscious prints and details. Portrays the contemporary woman that loves to look stylish, chic and put together. Her looks were flawless and easy to carry; any woman of any size would love to be able to flaunt her femininity in these modern sequined bomber jackets and beautiful metallic vest with beaded fringes.



The last of the evening is the always unforgettable Eddie Guerrero with his collection ‘Paradigma’. This eclectic collection presented tailored menswear and a diverse style of womenswear with houndstooth detailing. The designer embraced the more comercial side of his usually edgy style of design. But his trademark gothic style could still be felt in his collection.



[San Juan Moda] Day 7: Heriberto Vazquez + Sonia Santiago


The veteran designer Heriberto Vazquez showcased an amazing presentation with his collection ‘With Ties’. The couturier presented a diverse collection that embraced the modern  woman, that is not afraid to embrace fashion. Sophisticated, backless dresses, jumpers, leather trimmings and Swarovski detailing made the collection stand out. The designer grasped his signature look and completely hyped it to the present day woman.



The outlandish and always classic designer Sonia Santiago presented her collection “Arabesca”, with her trademark star formation prints on beautiful velvets and her also signature gold staples. Santiago, made elegant pants with a resort wear feel, not loosing her elegant nor opulent style.



[San Juan Moda] Day 6: Miriam Budet, Sonia Rivera + Jaer Caban


The always unpredictable Miriam Budet presented a minimalistic and highly impressive collection calle “Mar de Cristal”. Beautiful silhouettes and body conscious designs that flatter every body shape graced the catwalk. Emerald tones, shades of blue an ocean inspired colors complimented the collection. Dresses with texture that replicated ocean waves, sweaters and jackets with detailing that were similar to coral reefs were essential in her collection.


The always elegant Sonia Rivera and her collection “Reine Noire” presented a beautifully goth inspired collection. Figure flattering silhouettes and sensual corsets are a signature staple of the designer and it wasn’t surprising that the focus of the collection were around those elements. The closing of the show was breathtaking as she sent a model down the catwalk in a cape that covered her dress and face that left us to eager to imagine what was under it. The Model took off the cape and graces a beautifully adorned white and silver dress with elegantly beaded fringe; daring femininity in full splendor.


Designer Jaer Caban and his collection ‘Canvas’ was as unique as usual. The designer playful and colorful designs were a delight. As always the designer and his avant garde take to aesthetics is what pushed his collection to the edge of perfection; paint splattered hands and accessories were out of the box and refreshing. The young designer has a promising and decadent career ahead of him, I can’t wait to see what he presents next season.