[Event] Brunch at Mist Rooftop Bar + Kitchen

introMist Rooftop Bar + Kitchen at the San Juan Water and Beach Club has become the place to be every Sunday for their unbelievable brunch, relaxing setting and cool atmosphere. Surrounded by the beautiful views of the Atlantic Ocean and cool tropical breeze, its the perfect surroundings for the creations of Chef Raul Correa.

We commenced our culinary experience with a traditional latte and expresso, that was the perfect company to our strawberry muddle. The bartender was precise with the iced Moet and Chandon with lemon and strawberries which is an experience by itself.

We continued with amazing appetizers of shrimp toast with chipotle mayo, soy vinaigrette and an order of avocado toast with eggs, bacon and tomato. They were able to accommodate special request for those who are vegan and/or vegetarian. The textures and savory flavors are not for the shy or modest.


The kitchen staff was on point and kept us intrigued and eager for the next course. We moved on to the ‘benedicto’, a lovely plate of white rice croquettes, topped of with ‘lechón’ (roasted pork), eggs, hollandaise sauce and ‘chicharron’ (fresh pork rinds).


We progressed to the huevos jíbaros, that were medium eggs, ‘ajili mojili’ sauce, ‘morcilla’ (local sausage), local cheese and avocado.


We finished off with the waffles that were an amazing mallorca bread, bananas, fried chicken and bacon jam, for those who like to venture in the sweet and salty.


The outstanding service, Chef Correa’s innovative menu and fabulous location are what make brunch at Mist Rooftop Bar + Kitchen a culinary experience.



[Events] Launching of the Cîroc Rooftop Bar @ the WBC

On Friday, October 23 was the launching of the sole and exclusive Cîroc Rooftop Bar on the island at the San Juan Water and Beach Club in Isla Verde. The music filled the cool night air and created an elusive atmosphere and a a sexy ambiance.


Photo by Puerto Rico News.

The innovative cocktails and delicious cuisine was a ‘World Class‘ event like any other. The exquisite menu of Chef Correa was the order of the night, creating a luxurious and superior space with its contemporary culinary repertoire, uber-chic interiors and stunning views. It is a modern addition to the culinary and bar scene of the island, a venue of constant evolution; ideal for a good cocktail and appetizers.

The resounding success of the event was expected; exceptional service, modern setting and the beautiful people were present to place the Cîroc Rooftop Bar on the forefront in the San Juan Water and Beach Club, with its avant-guard events and unique atmosphere.