[Editorial] Caged

I had the opportunity to work with an extremely talented team for my most recent editorial, Caged. Which is featured in the most recent edition of Narciso Magazine. Check it out some of the shots below; but for the complete editorial you can see it after the [jump].

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 4.02.56 PM


Editorial: Caged

Photography by  Ivonne Carlo Sellés
Stylist // Aisha Naomi
Hair & Make Up by Rafy Quiñones
Model// Bibi Torres @ G Models
Wardrobe by Jaer Cabán

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[Model] Anaïs Conde: The Plus Size Coup d’état of the Industry

Every couple of years beauty standards evolve and create a niche for women to fall into. We construct these different ideals of what the paradigm of diverse allures. This effect trickles down from the runways to magazines, television and into our homes.

Photo by Saul Miranda for Be Plus Magazine.

Photo by Saul Miranda for Be Plus Magazine.

While the fashion world still has a ways to go when it comes to promoting diversity on the runways and in the pages of our favorite magazines, more and more designers and brands have been embracing the industry’s growing body-acceptance movement and hiring models that don’t adhere to the under-size-four norm lately. And the 10 plus-size stunners spotlighted below are leading the charge—starring in controversial campaigns, fronting fashion glossies and snapping up other jobs once reserved for women with one specific body type. Breaking the mold is local modeling agency Krone with model Anaïs Conde and her unique look.