[San Juan Moda] Day 4: Hugo Boss + Bridal

Bridal shows can be a bit of the same, but this time around San Juan Moda requested that the invited designers present a unique piece that represents their aesthetic.


Hugo Boss Collection

From the likes of Carlota Alfaro, Carlos Alberto, Diana Vazquez, Edzel Giovanni, Elda Samano, Emmanuel Acosta, Heriberto Vazquez, Hugo Boss, Jaer Caban, Javier Arnaldo, Juan Colon, Kelvin Giovanni, Lisa Thon, Marcos Carrazana, Miriam Budet, Orlando Emmanuel, Sonia Rivera, Sonia Santiago and Agatha Ruiz De La Prada. 

[L to R] Agatha Ruiz De La Prada, Miriam Budet, Kelvin Giovanni, Lisa Thon & Heriberto Vazquez.

[L to R] Agatha Ruiz De La Prada, Miriam Budet, Kelvin Giovanni, Lisa Thon & Heriberto Vazquez.

It was such a unique show that we saw the traditional bride in ethereal and elegant designs, showcasing her  romantic sensibility. The modern bride that is current to the times and not afraid to push the boundaries with fashionable and contemporary style and the avant-garde woman that doesn’t bound herself to the traditional gown and has a much more edgy approach to her bridal trousseau.


[San Juan Moda] Day 3: Marcos Carrazana, Diana Vazquez + Centro Moda


Marcos Carrazana A/W ’16: ‘Rated R’

Its always a delight to see a Designer develop and grow through the seasons, Marcos Carrazana and his collection ‘Rated R‘, did precisely that. The designer played with the rough and soft elements of the season, luxurious velvets, leather, meshed lace, delicate fringe were a sight for sore eyes.


di by Diana Vazquez A/W ’16: Lilly

‘Lilly’ by Diana Vazquez was as delicate and feminine as usual, the designer used her usual elements, but integrated the functionality and sassiness of the modern young woman. Her unique elegance and particular way of harmonizing elements gave this collection a fresh feel.


[L to R] Hernan Nadal, Edzel Giovanni, Julio Andres & Angel Guzman.

The Lisa Thon school of Design “Centro Moda” 20 year anniversary was commemorated with a collective runway of students that have made a career of their pursuits in fashion. This eclectic runway showcased a diverse perspective of fashion from her past students and current established designers on the island.

Centro Moda 2

[L to R] Orlando Emanuelli, Ecliptica, Juan Carlos Collazo & Sol Azul.

What made this collective of designers stand out is their individual talent to create and ensemble such distinct looks and all having the same mentor. “Centro Moda” is considered one of the top design schools on the island and is known for its reputable success in guiding students into a successful career in the industry.


[San Juan Moda] Day 2: Agatha Ruiz De La Prada + Lisa Capalli


Agatha Ruiz De La Prada A/W ’16: “Colores”.

The second night of San Juan Moda was as memorable as ever, the evening had the intentions of being a memorable one. The evening began with International Designer, Agatha Ruiz De La Prada presented her A/W ’16 collection: “Colores”. She showcased her infamous colorful and fun style, with playful dresses and her lively accessories which she is well known for. It was exciting to see De La Prada present on the island again, after a ten year absence on the local runways; it was definitely worth the wait.

As an intermission, Maybelline Puerto Rico (official sponsor of San Juan Moda) presented makeup trends for the season. Clean smooth skin with intense eyes and dark lips are the recurring theme of the season. Ultra goth chic, would be the perfect description of the trends and I am loving them!


The last Designer of the evening was, Lisa Capalli with her collection: ‘Meet Me At Midnight’. The sensuality of the female fluidity was the focus of this collection. The designer has always known for her lace, brocade and sequins. Her showcase was a stunner from head to toe, hair and makeup were a beautiful mash up of day and night. For the woman that is as diverse and unique as her designs.


Lisa Capalli A/W ’16: ‘Meet Me At Midnight’.



Very excited for day 3 of San Juan Moda with the presentations of Marcos Carrazana, Diana Vazquez and the 2oth Anniversary of Centro Moda: Lisa Thon’s school of design.

Check in tomorrow for the latest of these runways!