[Campaign] “Fundación Golitos”: Autism Awareness

It’s a great feeling to be able to give back to the community in anyway possible. I’ve always been of the belief that success comes with social responsibility. Being a firm advocate of good karma, I jumped at the chance to be part of a wonderful cause: “Golitos” Foundation.

“Golitos” is a non profit organization that aims to contribute to the full physical, social and emotional development of children with autism through sports therapy. They are the first entity to present to children with the disorder the fascinating world of soccer. The foundation offers a program aimed to help develop their physical, emotional and social skills using the sport as a conduit.  Events and curriculums are developed with a wide network of professionals specialized in autism, social, emotional development and of course sports knowledge.

I’m extremely proud to be a part of this campaign and hope that other people can become more receptive and understanding of the ordeal that children and adults with autism go through. Check out the official campaign for “Golitos” below:



[L to R] Aisha Naomi + Omar Alvarez, Director of the “Golitos” Foundation

La nueva campaña de Golitos estrenará la próxima semana a través de las redes sociales, previo al Día Mundial de Concienciación del Autismo, que se celebra el 2 de abril.

National Autism Awareness Day is held on April 2nd.


[Behind The Scenes] The Cage: Working Title

Model: Bibi Torres @ G Models

Working with a creative team to produce an idea and develop a concept is an essential part of the editorial development process. Sometimes you’re lucky enough to collaborate with artist that have the same vision and are able to produce alluring imagery.

I was lucky enough to collaborate with photographer Ivonne Carlo, besides her being insanely talented, we have very similar interest and visions.

The chemistry and communication between a photographer and their stylist is extremely important. The stylist has the task to compliment the setting and storyline of the photographer. This being our (Ivonne and I) first collaboration, the pressure was on! I was able to find the perfect dresses for her story by local designer Jaer Caban. His designs have always been visionary and said to be our local McQueen.

Hair and makeup are also of the essence, they are a countenance of the scenery and the artistic portrayal of the story. The artist involved in the development of the beauty aspect of an editorial is a huge influence. This is why the beauty and style team are indispensable. I was lucky enough to know the hair and makeup artist, Rafy Quiñones. He has been a team member of Nao Nao Group where we’ve been collaborating for years. Besides him being ridiculously skilled, he’s an awesome asset to have in any squad.

In the end, all visionaries need to be able to intertwine artistry’s so they are able to have a successful outcome. In our case, it was KILLER!

Here is a  behind the scenes video, shot by Rafy for your enjoyment.

Model: Bibi Torres @ G Models
Stylist: Aisha Naomi
Photographer: Ivonne Carlo Selles Starbuck

H+M/BTS: Rafy Quiñones
Assistants: Albert Anthony Guevara and Israel Mojica

Designs by: Jaer CabanAtelier Sylphe, Fairytas and Divamp Couture.