[Fashion Video] Reverie by Nick Knight

Moods of freedom and restriction both appear in Nick Knight‘s film starring Tessa Kuragi in designs by the likes of Celine, Maison Margiela, Gucci and Valentino. Intrigued by the dual lives of the model – days spent pondering psychoanalysis, evenings spent freely exploring her sexuality and engaging in shibari bondage – Nick Knight looks at fetish in this editorial for AnOther magazine’s. The shoot focuses on escapism, and the ability to form new realities through fantasy, and features styling by Katy England. Having begun communication with Kuragi on Instagram, Knight spent time understanding her passions and fixations before beginning the shoot, relying on her expertise and agency to inform the narrative of the story and thus playing with the power dynamic between photographer and model. The notion of reverie and the dance between waking life and dreams is something that has interested Kuragi for years, and informs the dynamic of the shoot. The fogged, black and white nature of the prints suggests a lack of clarity, nodding to the transient, ever-changing and fleeting nature of our fantasies.

  • Photography: Nick Knight
  • Model: Tessa Kuragi at Premier
  • Styling: Katy England at Intrepid
  • Make-up: Lucia Pieroni at Streeters
  • Hair: Cyndia Harvey at Streeters
  • Manicurist: Marian Newman at Streeters
  • Set Design: Andrea Cellerino
  • Seamstress: Tina Kalivas


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