[Client] Recording Artist: Janid

This new year I have been blessed with the opportunity to take up new projects and focus on unique endeavors. This has given me the chance to focus on my career and work on developing a diverse clientele. I’m very much used to the diversity the job of a stylist can be and having the chance to be challenged with different projects are what make this profession so much fun. janid osj

I have the good fortune to meet clients with the same focus and tenacity as me, which makes the job easy. Its not everyday that you meet a a beautiful, kind hearted and talented womanJanid. Who is determined and on her success and the team that surrounds her. I am grateful and fortunate to say that I am part of her development as an artist and that with our determination we will be accomplishing many new and exciting projects.

Check her out and follow her work, you’ll be amazed at what you’ll hear: Janid


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