[Events] Launching of the Cîroc Rooftop Bar @ the WBC

On Friday, October 23 was the launching of the sole and exclusive Cîroc Rooftop Bar on the island at the San Juan Water and Beach Club in Isla Verde. The music filled the cool night air and created an elusive atmosphere and a a sexy ambiance.


Photo by Puerto Rico News.

The innovative cocktails and delicious cuisine was a ‘World Class‘ event like any other. The exquisite menu of Chef Correa was the order of the night, creating a luxurious and superior space with its contemporary culinary repertoire, uber-chic interiors and stunning views. It is a modern addition to the culinary and bar scene of the island, a venue of constant evolution; ideal for a good cocktail and appetizers.

The resounding success of the event was expected; exceptional service, modern setting and the beautiful people were present to place the Cîroc Rooftop Bar on the forefront in the San Juan Water and Beach Club, with its avant-guard events and unique atmosphere.


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